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Friendships, Relationships, they change as we grow older.

Friendships .. they come and go and its ok!

Wow this Weekend has been an eye-opener and again another reflection of Life , what we have and who we have in it! I got too spend time with Family from New Zealand , Friends that I find I am becoming more attached too and open , Friends who need a shoulder to cry / lean on , Friends that don’t bat an eyelid to help others , Friends who really get the FRIENDSHIP meaning! I met a new friend and have a friend for over 38 years! I have not always been the best friend , I could have been more honest when I should off , but sometimes we hold our tongues to protect others – whether its a good or bad thing I don’t know? Some Friends you can be straight with and some maybe don’t wanna know , but I learn everyday how different our Friends are , and thats ok…Sometimes we don’t like each others Friends!! BUT like I have said so many times ,,, my circle of friends has changed Hugely and its not a bad thing , if anything I have found an honest , very straight forward bunch! Pick me up when I am down , confront me when I am wrong , and always there to listen!! I went to a awesome friends birthday this weekend and her speech was incredible! We have friends we don’t see for months but when we meet up, its like no time has passed! I also had a friend open up about things most of us won’t talk about , cause we embarrassed , but yet we all go thru this stuff! Friends whose kids drive them dilly , friends whose husband are painful , and friends who are bullied! – But the most amazing thing is they honest and open , and they make you feel like you are not alone! So Cherish those Good Ones , cause they hard to find. Don’t take advantage of people cause you think they not cool enough or don’t fit into “Your” Group of other Friends- because let me tell you those are the ones you want backing you! Its not about been in the A Team, its about been in the “honest” Team! Don’t judge cause when the wheels fall off, lets see which Friends are there! You will be super surprised!

I Won’t Lie , I hung with the cool crew, they dressed cool , partied cool, shopped cool – no time to listen to the whiny moms , attend the boring parties , and invite them to the braai’s!! BUT was I wrong .. when I look around at my bunch , we are the most different , amazing , all walks of life Women, and I am blessed and love them all! They live in the real world and not behind High walls , we all have shit in our Lives , yet we bluff we are something else or have these perfect Marriages , Relationships , finances so nobody knows and can Judge us! Are those friends? Doesn’t it get tiring putting up this facade! Don’t you just wanna meet up and drink wine and tell everyone how shit things really are , that you need a break from your whiny kids , you don’t wanna cook every blady day and put make up on!! You gotta find those Mates who let you be you!! I do have irritating mates , perfect mates , whiny mates , clingy mates yet they don’t hid it!!

My friends wanna know about me , about Brent and my Boys , how we doing and how is life , not what car you driving, if we live in the right Postal code , where you vacationing and did your kids make the A Team! Who the hell cares, we can see that stuff , but we cannot see what is inside! Never judge a book by its cover! Go with your instinct , be as honest as you can and the ones that count will understand why you did it or said it, whether they listen or not! Don’t ask for the advice or opinion if you not willing to hear it out! These are your friends who have your back and will be honest! Ask before you accuse , because the story you think you know , could be so wrong! And like Maritza says ‘ sms, whatsapp, email just to say HI , How you doing? I love having you in my families lives , and love our Friendship! Your Friend Mel

Ps :- and if you don’t like me , its ok , rather block or unfriend me from Social Media I can handle it! Don’t stay friends with me or others to keep a track on their lives .. Life is to short , spend your time and energy on other things!


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