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February The Month Of LOVE!

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Can you believe it is already February 2021!

So alot of you will be back at work with the kids back in School!

I am waiting “patiently” until the 15 February to rush mine back to their AMAZING Schools and teachers!

(Even maybe dropping a bottle of vino off for their class teacher .

If I could drop them off earlier I’ll throw in a bottle of GIN!)I also guess that you are super stoked that BOOZE is back on the market!

I am happy for the Restaurants and liquor stores. This is a huge industry that employs millions of people who have had no income to live or feed their families .

So lets support LOCAL South Africa and contact those wine farms for your bulk orders…

If you are looking for a good RUM (SugarBaron) or Gin (HudsonCraftGin) , they are local and I can personally say delish!With that also comes the Opening of Beaches!!

How many of you have checked the weather for this weekend?See you there …. this is my Beach Towel #SocialDistancing .

February being the MONTH OF LOVE , please visit the amazing local Businesses that list with Cafe Couch and that are offering Great Gift Ideas and Specials for you to spoil that special someone in Your Life! I was super spoilt by a few local Businesses. Bouquet Flowers from Izimbali Florist , Ice-creams from Kulfi Polar Ice-cream and then a scented soy candle for massaging and and ….. Thanks Touchwood Interiors , that made the Hubby eager for Valentines Evening , like I am not busy enough!

We also have a super ONLINE Valentines Music Concert GIVE_AWAY . Enter here !

We have also extended Our Valentine’s Advertising Special’s if you would like to add your Business / Product.

Check out Our Advertising Page . (for other Advertising Options)

So I was going to carry on rambling away but then realized that my Stationary Delivery arrived and I have 43 millions pencils and books to label! Isn’t life fun when you are parenting??

Hope that you all have a super February and things will only get better for us all everday! Keep the mails coming , visit our Cafe Couch Facebook page and send those gorgeous pictures of your Back2School kids and contact myself Mel – ( or Victoria ( anytime!

Share our Newsletter / Join us on our Personal Instagram pages Mel ( mulling_It_over_with_mel )and Victoria (Vicsouts) . Cafe Couch on Facebook and Instagram

Happy Month Of LOVE

Mel & Victoria

PS…. I did add my TEX MEX Recipe to the website for those of you who were asking!!!


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