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FamilyTime is so Important

One thing you will get to see is that we LOVE spending time as a family!

We might not go on the fanciest Holidays but we are blessed to have 3 boys that appreciate where they live , where we go and the time we spend together as a family!

If it is eating out or a road trip , it is always fun and never a dull moment!

A few weeks ago we signed up for the St Johns Charity Fishing Competition in Tala at Thornlea Dam!

We arrived to really YUKKIE weather , but that did not deter the troops!

We also didn’t set up camp with everyone else but were suggested by the owner to go a bit up stream and find a nice quiet spot!!

I can honestly say that with 2 days of super shitty weather , and only 3 small fish ( not even worthy to weigh them) we had fun!

The boys never gave up and fished and fished and fished !

They took the boat out and even swam in the river.

It was just a quiet weekend enjoying what we do , spending quality time as a family and eating a lot of JUNK!!

Today Our kids are so glued to their phones (and us) or playing online we forget about the important stuff!

My hubby is SO about eating around the table , he says this is where they talk , where you learn stuff or find out how they feeling!

So if you can , even a picnic in the garden . Spend time as a family and listen to you children!!

PS Christmas List – Fishing Boxes so they don’t keep taking all dads fancy lures!!


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