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Cry Our Beloved Country*

* Cry Our Beloved Country* , seen all over Facebook this week! I think most of South Africa woke up Monday feeling Angry ,Sad , Lost…. I myself was applying ASAP to get my British Passport for the Family, and thinking about life elsewhere! I live on a beautiful Farm , with space for miles , Our kids run , ride , play all day. My Boys attend a wonderful School and have awesome Friends …. A life I would probably not be able to afford or give them in the UK? Or maybe we would! We are South African , it runs through our Veins and we Love our Home, but we ask ourselves? Are we safe ? What is Our and Our Children’s Future here in South Africa? We Hope and Pray as All South Africans that things will get better , People will realize who has their Best Interests at Heart , Who to Believe ,Are they Promises of Nothing? We All have so much too offer, we just need to put aside all the hatred , Racism and Make this Country Great for us All! Cause at the End of the Day, we all want the same thing.. Love ,Happiness, and a Safe Place to raise Our Children,,,,The Future of South Africa.

So enough of that.. With the Holidays Here , many of Us are searching for all the Events and Holiday Clubs for Our Kids, and too keep us busy. Visit our Events Page and find some amazing Activities on Offer and remember to Add for FREE your Events. We also have had some awesome New #KZNBusinesses Join Cafe Couch – as we offer Affordable Rates to All our KZN Clients (R500.00 for a 6 month Listing).

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Happy Holidays , Travel Safe and send us some of your Holiday Pics



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