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Cherishing Every Day And Supporting Our Local Businesses

Good Morning World and Every-One!

Well it has been a really long week already and to be honest , it has been a super difficult few days! If you ever met him , then you would know what an incredible man he was. Yes WAS , which is actually such a hard thing to say out loud or even type. Saturday Night we lost Dave Beetar the Principal of Merchiston Prep School who had the biggest heart and even bigger LOVE for his School ,Staff and Pupils.. I will not type all the amazing attributes he has here , because there isn’t enough time or space! Click this link and view the Video we made as a family paying our Respect & Tribute to an incredible man who impacted our lives in the short time we knew him of 3 years! Also sending love and pray to all the other families that have lost loved ones to this pandemic. A very good friend lost her Dad the same day , her parents were married 49 years! Listening and chatting to her has been so hard and I cannot even imagine how they are coping as a family..Sending so much love!

BUT I do have some super exciting News when it comes to Cafe Couch! I have met an incredible Young woman who is driven and just as passionate about helping small , local businesses grow as I am! Victoria Soutar owns a stunning Bistro in Karlkloof called THE SPOT! Victoria is also Miss Earth South Africa Fire and is passionate about our Environment.

Victoria has joined Cafe Couch and together we are going to help you grow your Business /Product , not just on paper but through Social Media , Word of Mouth and getting to know YOU and what YOU Offer and the passion that you have for your Business / Product! Victoria – Instagram Mel – Instagram

Keep an eye out on our personal Instagram Pages , Our website and Cafe Couch Instagram page for packages that will suit your Business and YOUR Budget . We will also be having monthly workshops and zoom meetings to help connect you and your products with potential clients. Cafe Couch is also for the MOMS out there to connect , chat online , attend Events , win giveaways and keep up to date on #WhatsOnWhere .

We are running a VALENTINE’S Business Package at the moment where you can advertise your Business (even if it is not Valentine’s related) and get a post on Instagram! Take a look at the Local Businesses that have advertised already and what they have to offer you!

Remember to copy and paste to your other half for some HINTS / Ideas on how to spoil you this Valentine’s Day. Let’s support local and share the LOVE this Valentines , especially when things in most of our lives have been really emotional , it’s time to let each other know how we feel!

So to all the Moms , Parents and Businesses out there , we pray that we will all get through this Pandemic , as I know so many Industry’s are suffering because of the lockdown restrictions and how Covid has impacted our businesses and lives! To the parents / mom’s who are praying schools do actually open , I am with you there because my last home-schooling term didn’t go well , I ran out of booze and prayed everyday for my kids teachers to come fetch them!!

Cafe Couch sends love and hopes that Our website and social media pages will keep you up to date , in touch , keep it REAL and spread some laughter in the mix of things! (Yes my vlogs will probably have me wearing one of my famous gowns , no makeup , messy hair doing TIKTOKS /REELS with the kids , or on my OWN!!) , and I will get to rope in the new gorgeous Victoria!! (not sure she will be up for the gown thing though!)

Mel & Victoria


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