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Café Couch Events

Wow where do the days go..I really thought I would be able to get Monthly Newsletters out,keep kids fed and clothed , my husband happy , and be the perfect soccer mom..NOT! There is just no time in our Lives and busy Schedules. (suggestion-: Go see BADMOMS) , us unorganized Moms ROCK!! Anyway here is a little about whats been happening! We had our Cafe Couch Ladies Beauty Breakfast on-To BOTOX or NOT?, with Dr Claudine Lee (who I might say is just Super Awesome!) I ‘ve learnt that I am still afraid of Needles and may have to live with my “laugh lines’ or just cover them up with thick foundation!! I learnt that functions with loads of fantastic Ladies is a MUST!!

(Watch out for our PINKDRIVE in October and Champers & Croquet In November!)-Limited tkts

I have learnt that life is HECTIC and also too short to worry about the nonsense . I’ve learnt that their are so many Women out their with their own struggles , insecurities , lifes obstacles – that we need to support one another more , and not mock and drag each other down!! We are all different , unique and Super Awesome! We have NO idea what happens behinds peoples doors – so lets not Judge! So remember, to take time out for yourselves – Ladies Movie Night , Brunch with your Bestie , or Date Night with the Man! If you have an Event please add for FREE to the Website anytime to keep us all updated.

I hope that more of you out there join Cafe Couch Facebook , Newsletter , Website Listing and Events. Lets connect and Show what we have to offer Ladies.

Have a super duper Day and those with kids , enjoy the Holidays ( even if you need wine to help!)



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