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Being a Mom , Being a Parent …

Lets get Married and have Babies….

WOW , nobody can really prepare you for the Role of MOM , DAD or PARENT! We do hear about the sleepless nights , Colic Babies , the Terrible Twos , Tantrum Threes . It’s the Fear and Worry that creeps in , that we don’t hear about! The Fear when we drop you off at school. Do you have friends? Have I packed enough lunch? They soft hearted , will they be bullied? The worry when they leave on a School Bus or Tour. A play date or sleepover at a friends house, will that mom watch them like I do? Who else lives on the property? Are they SAFE? Then they get older and its Parities with Older kids, wild kids, you don’t mind dropping them , fetching them , but will they succumb to peer pressure? Drink , smoke or sneak off to another party?

Last night I battled to sleep thinking about 3 little boys , Our 3 Little Boys that we love more then anything in the World ! The Pressure of School , good grades because its not like the old days , pass Std 5 and go to the High School closest to home! NO, it’s get Good Grades in Gr 6 and pray and hope that you make it into the School’s you would love to attend!! And hey, we know that not all kids are academic , they’re not stupid , they just don’t “get it” sometimes!! The heartache when they don’t get picked for the Team they wanted, it breaks our Hearts.

I see Our 3 Little Boys in Big Boy Uniforms , with School Bags , Sports Bags and so much more responsibility! My worry is are they street smart? We were , we played in the road cricket till 6pm and walked home from school … Today is very different , they don’t realize the dangers out there. That’s Our Job , That’s our constant fear !!

The worst was that this morning , a message came through about a 17 year old boy in Hilton who was nearly abducted yesterday . A child of a Mom we know!! I cannot imagine the emotions of the Teenager and most of all the Mom/Parents , that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach , what if … But how do we protect Our Children from these Predators and Crazy World we live in!! Don’t bubble wrap your kids they say!! Stop being a Helicopter Mom !! Seriously how do we protect them then? Will this feeling be with us no matter how Old Our Children are? Being a Parent is so hard. We as Parents not only have a responsibility to provide financially but more importantly a Safe and loving environment for Our kids to grow . We need to teach them Morals and Values. We need to accept them for who they are , and not try live Our dreams and Sports achievements through them .

Prepare them for the World , Life and the crazies out there . BUT most of all just love them, let them know they’re loved , cuddle them and understand them.Be there even when they don’t want you near . That’s all we really can do, pray everyday and night they Safe, happy and know they loved! #LifeOfAMom #LifeOfAParent Mel


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