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Back into the Swing of Things ….

Good Morning ….

Well in the dip here in Sleepy-Hollow , Ashburton , its a tad fresh this morning 0 degrees.Thank Goodness hubby has done the school run! I did put in a moan and grunt saying how because of the #FuelStrike /Protest best he be the driver of the vehicle and maneuver our kids to School … normal time would be 15 mins with Traffic , today however an Hour! But all is good and kids delivered to their other Parents for the day, giving me time to Blog , see some Brides and wonder when our Renovations will be finished! Brent I hope you reading this my Gorgeous , irresistible Hubby , who makes my life easier sometimes…

Lets hope my Hubby was as calm as this , this morning!!

Since we are back at School , this means Early mornings , which means LUNCHBOXES!!! And sorry I can’t do the night before! BUT because of this awesome Mom, and her amazing lunchbox selections and ideas , it makes my life easier.. Best is to plan weekly , so all the ingredients are hidden “cause people in my house tend to eat the LUNCH stuff, which really buggers up my Routine” , And a shelf in the fridge – DO NOT TOUCH OR YOU WILL DIE AND GO HUNGRY!” So do yourself a favour and LIKE this Mommy /Daddy Helper page – LunchBox Life Savers! The key word here being ‘Life Saver”!

I have also just discovered , 9th Aug is a Thursday and #WomensDay and a Holiday , so our awesome School Merchiston Prep (Remember SCHOOL LISTINGS are FREE.) , has given us the Friday as well! BONUS … but I really would LOVE ,some 3 night away Ideas for a family of 5 (3 kids under 12)… email me so I can share online!

We LOVE the outdoors , We love , love The Big 5. I know most Places are already fully booked – I obviously got this memo late about this long weekend ! Also , affordable peeps – We all wanna visit those amazing places like they show on TOP BILLING so that our Instagram accounts are fancy pancy , but we don’t all have the funds for that … but we do all have Great Families and kids to post about all day , everyday me me …. and want to Spoil ourselves and Kids sometimes!

I can recommend a few places like Gwahumbe , which at the moment is pumping with amazing Workshops and Events – Its a stunning Venue with great Accomodation .

Insingizi – in Mid Illovo is having a CHRISTMAS in JULY Lunch – again I can recommend that the Lodge is AWESOME – Staff are the friendliest around , Food Excellent and they also offer Accommodation and super SPA Packages.

We had a super trip last Year to #KrugerPark and stayed just outside the Park at the NUMBI HOTEL , they are known for their Sunday Lunches Mmmmm , amazing food and again their Staff fantastic.It truly makes a venue / lodge so much more welcoming with Staff that love what they do and Proud to work at these Lodges. Here are some Pics from our Kruger/Numbi Hotel Trip.

Please add your EVENTS – remember this is always FREE and we will Upload them and Share on Social Media ,and if you would Love to join the Cafe Couch Business listing, please check out our Affordable Rates! As a mom it always good to view referred Venues , so that an Honest write-up or opinion can be passed on – Word of Mouth is Powerful!

We visited a lodge last year , website was SUPERB , but oh my goodness! We arrived late afternoon , only to disappoint our Poor kids and turn around and drive back home – funny they were even like ” Mom , I don’t think we can stay here – but its disappointing for Kids and Us , and the diesel , and the time spent driving back – how far its it , how far is it – again for another 2 hours!! So instead of yummy prepared meals , kids been attended to in playzone while I read and relaxed! We came home to cooking and monopoly..not fun! I lie , we stopped at The Taylors and drank wine first to help shorten our Trip home and drown our sorrows!

Thank you again to all my Subscribers / Instagram , Twitter , Facebook and MullingItOverWithMel Followers -I love your comments and hearing from you Guys! Always nice to know we in the same boat as others , whether financially having a shitty time , wanting to hide from our Kids or Husbands , or just watching ourselves grow old, and get wrinkles and droopy arses!!

Have a Great Week , Parents a Great Third Term .. Email me anytime on



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