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And the Silly Season Starts….

Eish ..October and already its the start of the SILLY SEASON! Functions , Sports , School Plays , Booking for Office Parties (Contact Mendola re: Awesome Xmas Menu), and the lists continues. I cannot believe how the year has rushed by , Christmas Decor and Prezzie Ideas already hit the Stores and Internet , sending us into Panic Mode!!

Thoughts of Christmas Shopping and worst of all… Lunches and Dinners , trying to organize whose house , who can’t come , who does’nt speak to who , which Mother- In-Law to have Christmas Eve Dinner, and fit the other in for Xmas Lunch!

And how much can poor Santa Afford with all this ” DRAMA” our President and Country keep pulling us into !( so sad when we have such a Beautiful Country with so much too offer!)..

BUT life goes on and so do we!! Cause WHY…we are WONDERWOMEN! Talking about WONDERWOMAN , Ladies if you have’nt met Our Very Own Wonder women -Maritsa Gouws – Please VOTE for her , she truly is Inspirational and one of the 25th Finalists in the Mrs SA.

Pietermaritzburg/Hilton, (Sleepy HOLLOW) has been busy with Markets , Events and Ladies Nights – Please join the FB Page and Newsletter too keep up with What’s On Where -FREE EVENT LISTINGS! We always complain we don’t have enough like Durbs and Joeys.. so Lets support these Events.

Cake Sponsored By Creative Cakes

How awesome are our Ladies Hats !

Also check out our Previous Cafe couch Events with link below -Always such fun , Awesome Ladies and Great way to meet new faces and hear about Awesome Businesses they Run ! Redlands Breakie & Mendola Breakie

Flowers Sponsored by Izimbali Florist

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Happy Silly Season Ladies



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