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Age , What’s Age?

Age , What’s Age?

This Week-end I hit the Beach with the famdamily and Friends. Had the 1st Swim of the summer and I got to teach my JoeJoe to body board,and too body board with my older 2 boys -Actually I ended up hogging the board!! I had an absolute Blast!

Yes I am a 43year old mom with a selfie stick and I am loving who I am lately! We worry to blady much about what others think and who is watching. I dont know if its the older I get , I become more relaxed and carefree. Yes I wish my stomach was toned and my ass many many inches higher and firmer and not resembling Droopy’s eyes balls , and having to wash away the grey every 3 weeks….but if I worried about that constantly and what other women thought, I would be drained and depressed and miss out doing all these fun activities with my boys! LIFE Ladies is too short to be boring ,and your kids will look back one day and remember the fun times you had with them, not what you bought them! Next I think , I wanna conquer my fears and zip line at Karkloof Canopy Tours – not wait at the bottom only to hear how SUPER DUPER Awesome it was Mom! We need to slow down , not worry about sending our kids too 45 different activities so that we can keep up with the Jones , while we slowly draining them… I am tired of looking at the calender and seeing one thing after another – extra this and that and then Friday comes my kids are grumpy ,tearful and hate everything they do! We need to let kids be kids too..

So my new attitude is listen more to how they feeling , let them choose the extra stuff they LOVE and want too do, don’t push too hard so that they eventually give up or hate what they loved and be proud , even the days they go out with a duck and no wickets taken or trip on the stage doing that ballet dance they rehearsed with you 45 times!!

And then also again to add those EVENTS for FREE , Markets , Shows and Holiday Activites! Parents that have to work over the Festive Season really appreciate the moms that offer these amazing Daycares and Events for their kids!!

I also got to attend the #MyInnateHealth Ball to raise fund for Kids with Diabetes in the rural areas of PMB! What a fantastic Event and cause ,and Well Done to all the Amazing Ladies that put so much effort and time into this Event -Was Fantastic!!

Also Teacher Gift times and there are some awesome places to find special gifts – especially for the Teachers that have made a difference in your kids lives .. yes there are some of you that might have wanted to give coal … but its Christmas and they have had our kids most of the year! Me … got lucky this year with the 3 teachers my boys got!!

Have a Super Duper Day and till we chat again – LIKE CafeCouch on FB/Twitter/instagram and get your mates to Subscribe to the Newsletter.



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