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4 Months till December

And just like that it’s 4 months till Dec! Wow has this year just zoomed by .. and I feel like I haven’t sent out a Newsletter in awhile -I did do a couple of Blogs and Reviews so you can check these out on my website .Breakfasts at the Beautiful Hartford House , Sipping wine with Urban House Media and Meridian Wines at the Mercury Wine Week , Pampered by Senses Day Spa and then what I love the most, spending an amazing Morning with Awesome Women racing Carts at Wicked Karting! I really am loving the #CafeCouchEvents and connecting Women and offering them a time-out , fun day!

Please remember that on Café Couch you can add your Events anytime for FREE and we will share the love. Holidays are in 3 weeks ,so post those Holiday Care Clubs and Activities so that we can keep sane knowing Our kids are in safe hands and have awesome activities and events to attend! Regarding Holidays – For those of you travelling , remember too keep safe and also SUNSCREEN on Our pumpkins! For those of you still looking for Holiday Vacation Ideas or venues =TRAVEL Here some Lodges and stunning Beach Cottage that might interest You!

So you might have noticed the Banner on my main page for Ever Beauty SA – So I met the lovely owners , fell in love with their Products and jumped on board! Besides these #Magnetic #NOGLUE #Affordable Eyelashes , I can honestly say they offer a really fantastic Make-up Range , value for money which is always a bonus and delivered to your DOOR!! The bonus is that if you buy online, when you checkout and add CAFECOUCH ,you get a 10% discount! Regarding the awesome Eyelashes -check out my online video on how to get them on!! (Except my friend Tammy,,, I am gonna have to give you a 1 on 1 lesson gorgeous -there is always 1!)

Remember Café Couch is about Everything -From Advertising your Businesses , Connecting you with Potential Clients , Letting you know #WhatsOnWhere , Reviews , Blogs from me and other Fantastic Women , #CafeCouchEvents Bucket lists, Fun ,Help on what you put in your kids Lunchboxes (thanks to Lunchboxlifesavers – Debs did I get the TO right? , and Life …..

I might not be for everyone but I am upfront and honest on all my Social Media Pages! Whether it’s a Blog in my amazing Pink Fluffy Gown -Thanks Coral Island I love it! Or me trying to be all Glam at a Black Tie Function… I love natural , fun , and unfiltered!! Café Couch has grown more then I ever imagined in the last few months , and I am so excited about New Ventures , New Clients and Awesome Events that will be coming Our Way!! So Onwards and Up and as I always say ” never give up …time and hard work pay off!!

Happy Friday



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