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#2020 I cannot believe it’s the Year!

And just like’s #2020

Firstly Compliments of the Season to All My Clients , Friends and Subscribers! I bet you all started #2020 with Your New Years Resolutions like Get Fit , Be Healthy , Go Green and the list continues! NOT ME!! January ,I am still busy recovering from December and eating Old Years Eve Left-Overs and finishing that Awesome New Vodka we discovered. January is a FREE month , a month to think , reflect and hopefully have New Years Resolutions!! Also if you are like me and live near the Ocean – Most days are spent at the Club in Durbs, eating Prawns , cheese-cake and swimming in the Sea or frolicking in Our pool and having a braai. So February it is and I don’t even have a list.. BUT let’s say my New Year’s Saying is NOT for Sensitive Viewers !!

#2019 was a great year for myself and my #MartinFamdamily. We made Huge changes in the kids and our lives which have paid off and given us more freedom to do Fun stuff, like #Travel abit , weekend aways , #eatingout and I have met incredible people along the way and grown my Business and helped other Businesses Connect and Grow!!

Check out my rates if you keen to add your Business. It is not just a listing like in a mag that you hope and pray somebody sees , but I actually link you too potential clients!!

Well we have been so blessed with so many different Event Invites last Year! BlackTies , Comedy , Dining-out and the most fav is when its a Family Event!! Thank you too those that Included Us! Café Couch has an EVENT Section where we host Awesome Fun Events and the option to List your EVENTS for FREE anytime and we will share on Social Media!! Also it is a great place for you too find #WhatsOnWhere !

Hartford House Gwahumbe -Ladies Wellness Morning

StarBucksSA The Beast & CrazyRio

Cafe Couch Ladies #ConnectingBusinesses (WickedKarting)

AND so many more – Review/Events

So my January Newsletter /Blog is not gonna be on and on but I cannot wait to share my New Clients , Their Businesses and Products , Events We / I attend , What Cafe Couch has instore for #2020.

I will introduce you too other awesome Women and People in Business and remember , I am not the perfect Post It Mom , My tupperware is not labelled , my instagram can be super faulty. (Mulling It Over With Mel/CafeCouch is my Business and it’s ME and my #MartinFamdamily , who I really am), but I am #Real ,I am #Honest and whatever I review or Business I list I will always be honest! Oh and #unfiltered

NO WAY IN HELL will my kids ever all stand together ,all be clean ,matching and loving each other in a photo- it’s not gonna happen!! (Unless I buy V-Bucks on fortnite and thats not gonna happen!

And the husband – like he said ” I knew when I married you I would get myself into sticky situations” , thats what he says but I know he just loves me dragging him , dressing him up and making him do odd stuff!! (that even sounds dodgy reading it, but you know what I mean!) I have to take him -He keeps me sane ,and I need a driver ok!!

See nothing dodge here- Would I embaress Him?

Anyway I am off for 2 Days to a Self-Catering #GameLodge , some needed #MartinFamdamilyTravel Time – Look out for my Review!! Hoping to Review some Awesome Travel this Year and also affordable Travel!!

I look forward to a fantastic Year#2020

I will Blog / VLOG More , Post More and hopefully meet more of you crazy peeps and attend awesome Events .. And breathe – School starts next week , but for me that is another…. long story!!

Watch This Space …



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