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Thrive Wellness Programs

074 2186 379
183 Bree St - The Renaissance Body Science Institute, Cape Town

Thrive Wellness Programs is a passion-driven business developed by Registered Dietitian, Alex Royal and marketing savvy, Bonnie Long.

They’ve combined their love of nutrition and holistic health to create a series of online wellness programs that aims to help guide their clients to optimal health.

Our mission?

Thrive is not just a program. Our mission is to change your life and to create the greatest version of yourself, one step at a time, while we guide and support you.

Life is too short, our body’s are too fragile and our happiness is too valuable not to want to be the best that we can be.

Over the years we have tweaked our programs based on the latest scientific information while we continue to strive to make it the best program available for you. We also know how life can be so our aim is to make it convenient and achievable too.

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