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MyPace Cottage School

033 346 1111
45 Bromhead Rd, PMB, KZN

MyPace Cottage School started as a concept and dream in June 2017 when a group of concerned parents approached Mrs Fiona Lake requesting alternate schooling facilities for a group of young students who were struggling at school. In large classes learners who do not fit the traditional ‘box’ are left behind or neglected academically. Bullying at school was also becoming a problem and the reality is that, for some students, school is an unbearable place to be.

It was decided in September of 2017 that Mrs Fiona Lake and Mrs Marian Blecksley would start a small homeschool. They expected to work with four students – two in Grade 3, and two in Grade 5.
However, after doing research it was discovered that the Department of Education does not make provision for pupils who are in homeschools where their own parents are NOT their educators.

The correct term for a school such as ours is a Cottage School.

MyPace Cottage School opened in January of 2018 at 37 Christie Road, Pietermaritzburg with 17 fulltime students.
Mrs Tania Bunge joined us teaching Grade 5 & 6. Mrs Blecksley taught Grade 3 and Mrs Fiona Lake taught Grade 7 & 8.

This year, 2019, we have 27 pupils between from Grade 1 to Grade 8. The Grade 7’s and 8’s who left us at the end of 2018 have all found places in other schools, both government and private. We have four SACE registered and experienced teachers: Mrs Marian Blecksley and Mrs Fiona Lake. We also have some part time teachers: Mrs Cheryl Nefdt teaches Abagility Maths and Mrs Justine Lawrance teaches Art.

MyPace Cottage School has outgrown its premises in Christie Road and is in the process of relocating to Bromhead Rd in the near future.

We have added Grade 9!!

General Information
• To follow the CAPS curriculum where possible.
• To work at the pace of individual learners and build sound academic foundations.
• To focus on English, Afrikaans, Mathematics and Natural Science.
• To value and recognise the uniqueness and achievement of every member of our school family.
• To ensure excellence in teaching and learning within a high quality learning environment.
• To equip children with the resilience and perseverance to become creative and independent thinkers.
• To values and attitudes of care, tolerance, trust and respect for all.

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