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From the lush farmlands of East Griqualand, we aim to provide you with the best quality grass fed meat and best of all, we deliver!
Born and bred in the Eastern Cape, we had access to the purest beef from cattle that were grass fed. With global warming and economic downturns, commercial farmers are increasingly turning to feedlot systems. The farmers from East Griqualand are passionate about delivering the best quality meat and hence have maintained their proud tradition of allowing their animals to feed on the grasslands which have been provided. We want to bring you this meat because you deserve the best.
For this reason we offer delivery direct to your door.
You can choose from a wide variety of products and customize your order and sizes to what best suites you (see our menu page). Feeling a little hungry? Sure, increase your cut size. Starting your banting diet - no problemo, request more fat on your cut. You want it – we have it and we will bring what you want right to your door.

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