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Prayer for Durban Baby


This afternoon I have reflected on this kidnapping/hijacking of Little Siwaphiwe.
How KZN got behind this in Every-way, from Pray Groups , Sharing of the Vehicle,Rewards by Radio Station and Individual People, and even search parties in the Area.
Race was never mentioned , just the hope that a little baby girl would be returned, unharmed to her Parents. Only to wake up and find the Mother might be involved , the feelings , help , emotions and resources that were given ,  people didn't question anything, their goal was to find the Baby!
Been a mother myself , this changed my weekend!
I stayed logged in to my Facebook/social Media , waiting to hear good news , I felt ill , and wanted my 3 kids near me constantly to hold and love! The thought that somebody's child had been taken, made me sick! Why would a Mother of all people do this?
I hope that she thinks about her actions and the emotions she has played with for nearly 72 hours! But it did give me hope , that out there , there are amazing , kind , wonderful people of all Races , wanting to help ! 
We do live in a Beautiful Country , and if all the people could be so compassionate and join together , maybe there could be hope! We lose so many good South Africans daily to Crime & Immigration , as a community we need to stop this and move forward as a Proud , happy Country , not a country consumed by Racial Hatred. Surely we are so much more! But the questions is " where and how do we start"?