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Let's Get to Know Each Other!


Let's Get to Know Each Other!


Don't you find that a lot of your Leads , Friendships ,Business contacts , Referrals are from some-one who told some-one who knew some-one!           Yip its word of Mouth or She/He( see what I did there, cause Womens Month , I put the SHE 1st!)... said She/He heard it via the Grapevine! 

So that is why I started CafeCouch - I wanted a website to help Small Businesses to be able to afford to promote their Products //Venues//employment , without breaking the bank and having referrals that were honest! -(Cafe Couch is happy to visit /review your products or

So Moms // Crafters //Doctors//Hairdressers//Venues//Home&Garden//Parties//Toys//Businesses check out our Rates and help Moms,Dads ,Singles ,where to find you peeps....making  Life Easier by adding Your Profession or Business to          Cafe Couch!
One Website , one touch of a button and its all there!

People like to refer ,or put you in touch with people they have dealt with ,its a sure fire way to ensure the continued success of your Business! 
Also a lot of Mompreneurial Small Businesses have popped up , after you have had kids, and can't bear the thought of leaving them ! (That changes when they hit the 2's), then you screaming to return to work and adult company! , So lets support these small businesses! 

Watch out for our Cafe Couch Brunches - This often includes a Guest Speaker , prizes donated by the amazing Women who own their own Businesses (helps promote them), and this is where we connect with one another , and exchange numbers and chat about our Businesses!
Networking Works.

Well time to get out of the pink gown, I did think after breakfasts, lunches made , school bags packed , school run done, I would "TRY" spring-clean , but already my head is not that really into it! So I might grab a cuppa , watch some dodge Real Housewives Episodes (which I LOVE !) before I realize I have to fetch the 1st of 3 , cause my luck all 3 finish at different times...#lifeOfaMom!

watch this "amazing , business ladies " see we are all abit batty!! 

PS:- Event Listings are FREE Always 
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This Family run Business is a success because they passionate , friendly,hardworking and just Awesome People! Thanks Thilen for your ongoing support to Cafe Couch

If you haven't visit iNsingizi-Put it on your Bucket List -Also Family Owned, amazing Staff ,Facilities excellent ,Food is Delish and amazing Spa Packages