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Living in #KZN


Living in #KZN

Hello Gorgeous People!
Well it's been a super long week for us Martins ... with the snow changing the plans and whining from JoeJoe (Our 5 yr old) , we had 2 days of Snow Chasing all over #KZN.. and we found it! -Thanks to SNOWREPORTSA helping too .. Not as thick as last year , but good enough for snowball fights , a snowman and then tears .. cause then it got  too cold!
I will add though that we drove through such pretty areas in Midlands /KZN , and we are so blessed to live where we do.
Also , even though it was FREEZING! The Winter Sun is FANTASTIC!!
We visited Piggly Wiggly and The Junction - won't lie, customer service is not on everyone's agenda!! Or maybe I am just spoilt by good Food and amazing Service from JAYZ Grill in PMB! (they definately make you wanna come back...)

I am also so blessed that I have a patient hubby ( driving around 2 days snow chasing and driving me all over town)!! Hasn't been the bestest week , crappy to find out what loyalty means to some , and to top it off,  still NO car for me.. HATE Depending or Asking others!! Ladies/Gents , don't let your car catch alight EVA!! Firstly scary , then insurances take FOREVER to pay out, and just makes LIFE super hard!

We also got to Celebrate and Surprise my LITTLE GRANNY (as she is known), for her 88th Birthday.. by the time the Event arrived I was shattered , needed more than a couple shots of whisky! BUT too share this special Day with my Cousins ,Family and their Kids,it was AWESOME . The kids had a ball and I know that this will have to be a more permanent arrangement to organize famdamily get-to-gethers! 


This Week-End , besides the Sports , I have MUDDY PRINCESS!! I won 6 tickets so I have roped in some fantastic Ladies to join me..think we doing the "BUSY BEE THEME" , cause we all Moms and super busy! FIT - NOT , gonna probably die , but know I will die laughing!! 
PS .. check Cafe Couch Facebook page - will try post some pics!

Also I have the CAFE COUCH ladies Breakfast coming up - Seats are limited , so you need to BOOK ASAP. (awesome speaker)...

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Mel Martin