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School Holidays again .....


School Holidays again ..... 

Well they come so quickly , and I know it isn't always easy for some Parents who still have to work , can't get time off , and we can't always afford a holiday , (as we SAVE for Christmas (don't even want to think of how many sleeps that is!),and School Uniforms next Year!) I think we put too much pressure on ourselves! My parents could'nt afford the weekends away , and holidays were for playing with the kids on the other side of the fence , building forts, dress-up ,hide and seek and just blady well keeping ourselves Entertained!
It wasn't their responsibility - Just go play!! And we did...and we were happy...
FOOD- Again it was eat what was in the fridge - make a sarmie and grab an apple! Water or Mix Juice.. we didn't have a selection of cereals and cheeses and muffins...we were definately not Served either!!

Below is a link though for amazing Moms out there offering Holiday Care and Activities for our Kids, so take a look and remember if you are offering  something or have an EVENT - its always a FREE listing.

Also remember we  need some BIG PEOPLE time! Otherwise we could possibly go insane alot sooner .. 
There are some awesome Events to check out ! Darren Maule has  GREAT Events coming up , so book as these normally full super fast! 


I am already 1 week into our Holidays and was lucky enough to win a weekend away at Sierra Ranch - so super stoked, and all those activities gonna help keep my 3 munchkins entertained , and I might even get to read a few lines of a new book! Please remember to TRAVEL SAFE , Buckle up , pack padkos , wetwipes and the kitchen sink if you heading out the driveway - cause its a looonngg drive , even to the mall! You welcome to send me some Holiday Pics - even those from home in the mud (the bestest kind)! 

Safe Travels and see you in the 4th Term!

HAVE you booked for our Cafe Couch Ladies Lunch?

Happy Holidays