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Hello 2018!


Hello 2018!

So Firstly Howdie .... Have'nt blogged since 2017!  Which I have left way in the dust ...cause what a crappy year , to put it mildly!  Just so all over the place and wishy washy...Yip Better Left behind us , cause 2018 is gonna be Super Duper and hoping Everyone is gonna have a Fantastic Year! 
So we are all probably back at some kinda  work - and yes Stay at Home Moms are all FULLTIME Employment - not sure about lack of benefits but its HARD Work! 
Kids are Back at SCHOOL -WHOOP WHOOP - Bet most of you popped a bottle of Champers and Vino as they left...Sending Love and Respect to all those Awesome Teachers out there looking after our most Precious Cargo all Day.... 

Our 3 Boys started a New School . Yip after 7 years at one we packed them up and moved them..Was a very difficult decision emotionally ,as they were very happy .BUT Financially it was the Best .
BUT as the 1st Day approached I felt ill..had we done the right thing for the kids? , will they make friends or be left sitting alone?..I could'nt eat , do any work and felt yukkie and I was counting the hours till hometime!!
Hubby was like "Listen ...They Martin Kids , they have got this Love ,and its gonna be OK!(Oh Ja forgot , I have a hot , Awesome Hubby when he isnt annoying me!! 
He is not a MOM though  ,so has no frikkin clue what he is talking about ,and also does'nt have half the emotions and thoughts running thru his brain as Us Moms have!!
The Oke was right ... 12h30 JoeJoe -Best Day Eva Mom I have new friends and love my Teacher and Love it mom! 1 DOWN....2 to Go....
14h10 - longest hour and half of my life..
Jack - Mom its amazing , Met such nice friends,  and I have a strict "older" teacher Mr Orchard who is so funny and cool .. I love it !
and then the one I have been stressing about - Our Gorgeous Mattie Moo - Mom it was such fun , the boys let me join a fun games Group ,and I went to Day Boy Lunch.. DAY BOY LUNCH? What day boy lunch ? I packed you lunch.  "No mom I asked and they said there was, so I joined and ate lunch with Boarders!! 
Merchiston ,- My Boys are Happy , they Feel at Home and have settled in Better than we could ever have imagined, and The Martins look forward to the Next Few Years Journey as MudRats and apart of The School!! 
Our Blood is Blue...(think thats the saying - gotta lot to learn still!)

Well just wanted to say hi . Check in with Everyone .. 
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