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Can you not just LOVE your Siblings!


Can you not just LOVE your Siblings! 

Well I am not sure what the heck is actually going on lately in the #MartinFamdamily House Hold  but slowly I am losing my Shyte!
What is it with the KIDS!
When we are  out and in Public they like , your the best brother and you so awesome and lekker lekker fire cracker! But behind closed doors-OMG . You standing to close while I brush my teeth , can't you sit on another chair you touching me , Don't breathe your breath stinks , don't talk you annoying , don't sing it gives me a headache!! And its all blady 3 of them...
School Drive is a nightmare too... just constantly moaning and moaning ! 
With the Renovating (which is a whole other story , or maybe its making them grumpy too!) , we are a little cramped in each others space .. so bedtime is a nightmare! Surely 2 double beds next to each other , is enough! BUT NO .. face the other way , does he really have to look at me when I sleep....for goodness sake you sleeping , you cannot see him!! 
AND don't take anything form each others plate or sip the wrong juice or tea - its like they have been given  the  plague! 

I wonder how long this will continue and will they ever actually LOVE each other. Ask one to help the other carry his bags from the car and you would think I asked him to do the laundry for the week... shrugging of shoulders and huffs and puffs. ITS YOUR BROTHER FOR GOODNESS SAKE! 
Please tell me I am not the only mom going through this, tell me they will one day love each other?

Its also coming to Mid-Term Exam Time and sjoe I think that most of us moms worry more then the kids!
Also seen a few moms losing their shit with the kids ... (Its Ok we only Human )
How many of you are studying just as hard as your kids - learning all over again the Flower Parts , Renaissance - (Don't let them watch Marco Polo on #NETFLIX , thought I would check it out , WOW alot S-E-X , not for the kids at all!) , keep to the text books issued by the school, safer! 
 I found  this awesome site (especially for GR4-R7 kids), called run by a lady named Estelle . You will find a lot helpful notes and tests and even Exam Prep stuff. Take a look! Another good buy was on - English/Maths and Afrikaans Handbook and  Study Guide ,I'm even learning.For the sake of our own sanity , lets help one another, you are gonna get those moms that won't , cause they don't want your kid to be cleverererer then theirs - but us KOOLmoms , sharing is caring!  Bio-Strath  #BioStrath has also been a winner in our House - table spoon after breakie and they Boys think they Geniuses 

So just to let you know ,we all in the same boat it seems , keep your chins up , overdose on that caffeine ,wine or tea addiction and study!! 
Hope you all having a Super Month of May , Don't let the winter blues kick in!
Oh and send me some pics of yourselves watching the #RoyalWedding !! or send to my Facebook , Hope I can find my Wedding Tiara (been awhile!)

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