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 Our School Holidays.... and we only 10 days in! 

Roadtripping !!

Wow 10 days into the School Holidays already and I feel like it’s been a month .Not that I don’t like been left alone with my kids all day, every day trying to find activities to keep them busy and meals that I have to cook myself , even though its “Holidays”.
Well our holidays started with fetching kids early from School and driving to #JNB for #JackSprats U12 Action Cricket Tour. We arrived after 6pm at a  Road Lodge  in #JNB , firstly to have  a mild Front desk issue , then no double sleeper couch in the room for our 2 other kids- so image us squeezed into a tiny room , loads of  bags , tired , hungry kids and not enough space! DELIGHTFUL … but it’s all about Jacks experience and no grumpy faces…we can make this work! And Jacks all good , bunking with his 2 mates one floor below…
So a hotel packed with U10 , U11 ,U12’s and most of their Parents.. Days were hectic back and forth to the Sandton Action Cricket arena , kids excited and exhausted…

Day 2 – We were advised on arrival back at the Lodge to take kids around the corner to the coaches to play games etc , as Police were at the Hotel. Some Nigerians had checked in a day or 2 before and were taking pics of our children! FRIGHTENING , as most of our kids were on different floors (slept in 3’s with other Team Players) , and our other kids running up and down the 2 levels playing … to think that at any-time ,a child could have been pulled into the room…
A very large “army” dressed security guard was placed on the stair well that evening and some dads swopped and bunked with the Boys – taking away a little of the fun bonding between the  boys on Tour, where they were supposed to be having fun and making memories . Not worried about dead people and kidnapping!
Day 4 – While at the arena we were advised again to keep kids away from Hotel as another incident had occurred –Imagine stuck with 2 very tired 12 yr olds who desperately need lunch and a nap and 3 smaller kids.
… A blonde had overdosed in one of the rooms and died!! My gosh where were we staying? And is this reality! Thank Goodness I had stayed at the lodge  , as originally we had other plans.
What has happened to this World and People  . Being the Parents we  are, Brent and I were honest with our kids about Life and why we are “helicopter moms” – yes that me, and Brent letting them be aware of what lurks around… Very sad that we have to tell our kids these awful things at such a young age ,but it’s necessary! To the 10year old Boy who noticed the Nigerians and told his mom  , Well Done!! Your Parents have taught you well…
So after that, you can imagine how we all kept our kids close , watching every move.
Day 5- I had my 2nd ever Panic Attack (exactly a year ago), but that is altogether another whole Blog!! Just a BIG thanks to an amazing hubby who took over and knows me so well as I often keep that smile going to make sure everyone else is fine…when I  felt as if my heart was gonna burst out my chest!

Jack on the other hand had the bestest time , made new friends , bunked with old mates(OMG that room clunked with stinky socks and feet) , he had up’s and down’s , and walked away saying – “ I can’t wait for next year “! He made us the proudest Parents eva , and also a heads up to the 2 others - #Mattie #JoeJoe who tagged along , not complaining once and every-day supporting their Big Brother!!

Our 3 little Supporters 
So for me ,I learnt , go with your gut , keep your kids close and so what if you a worry wart!! OH and Onsies SUCK! Sorry I know I wanted it so badly , and went on and on ,, but Winter and Onsies for girls is just YUKKIE – going to the loo in the freezing cold , having to take the whole thing off so you are starkers to pee , is stupid! Onsies are designed for people with penises!
Let’s hope the rest of the Holidays is calmer , safer and not so cold….
Happy Holidays Peeps

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