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Welcome to Cafe Couch

What is Cafe Couch ?
It is an Affordable,Fantastic Online Website created for MOMS , Businesses and Events , its here too Help Your Business Grow.
You add your Business and we share with Social Media and help link & connect You too Your Clients.


We not just that!
We have EVENT listings (FREE), Specials , Give-Aways ,Moms & Parents Stuff ,Blogs and Fun Events to Attend!
We on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram 

We scan Social Media Daily, and where relevant we add your listings to Clients seaching and looking for YOUR Service and Profession.
Cafe Couch is a website created, to help make life easier, by providing listings ,and promotions for small KZN Businesses... so when thousands of Peeps are looking for a Beautician, a Party Planner , Hairdresser ,Doctor, Handy-Man  or even where to drop off our kids during the Holidays!!! Cafe Couch will have it All! 

Today we spend far too much time holding , waiting and searching ..So if 
 can help save you a few minutes of your day , then we are doing our job...

So together let's have a Great Site with Everything in one place, making all our lives a little less stressful and giving us more time to enjoy  that cuppa ..